Arrival of an AURAM 3000 press

1. The AURAM 3000 System

The Auram 3000 system was created by the Auroville Earth Center.

It is a very versatile CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Block) system for constructing multi-storey buildings using earth as the main material.

"Stabilization" involves mixing a small percentage of cement or lime to prevent the clay from reacting with moisture.

Not every soil is suitable for earth  construction. But with some knowledge and experience, many soils can be used for the production of CSEB. Identifying the properties of a soil is essential in order to ultimately produce good quality products. A few simple sensitive analyzes can be performed after a short training.

Topsoil and organic soils should not be used.

2. La gamme des blocs

The AURAM 3000 is a system:

  • Versatile: different molds available for particular architectural characteristics
  • Independent: no power source needed to operate the machine, can be used in remote areas

Molds for bricks were created to facilitate the design work of architects and engineers, who use earthen architecture and earthen construction. Adjustable Block Height: The machine adapts to your design, not the other way around.

The press is a manual but powerful machine: very high compression up to 1.83 with a force of 15 metric tons

2. Construction d'un abri pour la presse  

The temporary shelter is only one step allowing to carry out the first brick making tests. The work platform will be enlarged and fitted out according to the recommended organization and will include 5 parts:

  • sifting the earth
  • mix preparation
  • brick making
  • Initial storage and hardening in a humid environment (7 days).
  • long-term storage and curing in the open air (4 weeks).

4. Les ressources d'argile sableuse  à la bordure du parc  

The park has sandy clay at its edge. But this soil cannot be used directly because it will have to be mixed with other soil to approach the recommended compositions. The type of stabilization will depend on the type of mixture sought. .
Stabilization|gravel| sand| Silt|clay|
  cement     | 15%  | 50% | 15% |20% | 
  lime       | 15%  | 30% | 20% |35% |
Average amounts of stabilizer:
     Mini  Average  Max
 cement    3%   5%       (No maximum)
 Lime      2%   6%        10%

4. Premiers essais de CSEB  

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