A fish Farming Project in the Parc

On the shores of the Quisqueya Natural Park, on the shores of Lake Azuëi, more precisely to the east of caciquat la Magua, is a fish farming project which young people have been fighting for several years for their success. These two young people have a positive vision of the future, and wanting to contribute in national production, despite the constraints facing the country.

This fish farming project to start in March 2018, called Omega Nature Tropical Aquaferme, a Collective Name Company, operating in the Aquaculture sector, of which Franck JEAN & Dina Jean are two Promoters and founders of this company. The company's mission is to produce and facilitate the consumption of fish products in Haiti. The main objective is to increase the company's fish production capacity and promote job creation. These young people give themselves entirely to the success of this project, but each of them have various skills in different fields.

Franck Jean, Bachelor of Management at Lumière University in 2014, he also studied entrepreneurship at Quisqueya University and at EMLYON Business School (Paris). After his studies, he gained experience in project development and management with organizations. He has received training and experience in Micro-finance, and training and experience in Fish farming. He has skills in Project Management, Marketing, and experience in purchasing equipment on the international market. And finally technical training in the installation of solar energy equipment.

Dina Jean did her BA in Accounting and Political Science at INAGHEI. Ella had her professional experiences at the Bureau of Mines and Energy in Accounting and Taxation, 2015-2017. Ella has experience in setting up the control system in a pharmacy in 2014-2015. She trained to obtain the degree of Chartered Accountant at OCPAH. She has had other training in international accounting standards, in General and Administrative Principles of the Public Service, online training in entrepreneurship at EMLYON Business School in Paris.

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