Examples of earthen constructions

Date: 1998-2009

Country: France

Designer: Jamal Boudchiche

Adresse: Mas de la Baronne
84300 Cavaillon

"Le Village" de Cavaillon is a non-profit association that helps people in social difficulty (unemployed, etc.) by offering them employment and accommodation in small detached houses of 25 m2 on the ground. The group of 11 houses was built by the inhabitants themselves with compressed earth blocks. This material was easy to produce from local clay, and was therefore very inexpensive. Compressed earth blocks were used for the main and side walls, as well as the vaults of 4 houses.

Following this first construction experience, in order to gain financial independence by increasing its economic resources, the "Village" association decided to produce compressed earth blocks and sell them to the general public (© culture-terra- incognita.org)

The originality of these houses consists in the realization of a Nubian vault, probably the first example of use in France of this ancient African technique.

The roof, with a traditional appearance, protects the top of the vault.

Note: it is unlikely that this type of vault is suitable for construction in seismic zones. To achieve the same comfort benefits that vaulted spaces can provide, it will probably be necessary to use domes that can withstand earthquakes.

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